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60 Minutes (HD, New, TV-PG) Steve Kroft explores the strength of Google's power as critics express their concerns; correspondent Norah O'Donnell meets with former Theranos employees.
NCIS: Los Angeles A Line in the Sand (HD, New, TV-14) A suspect offers new information about the whereabouts of the man who had taken Mosley's son, which sends the team on a dangerous mission to rescue him.
NCIS: Los Angeles Ninguna Salida (HD, New, TV-14) A suspect offers new information about the whereabouts of the man who had taken Mosley's son, which sends the team on a dangerous mission to rescue him.

Welcome Back Kotter Frog Day Afternoon (TV-PG) Arnold refuses to take part in the next biology class experiment, dissecting a frog, even though it is a requirement for a passing grade; he stages a protest.
Maude The Slumlord (TV-PG) When Maude finds a black man picketing in front of her house, she is shocked to discover she unwittingly owns a rundown apartment building.
Three's a Crowd The New Mr. Bradford (TV-PG) Jack pushes Mr. Bradford out of the path of a runaway bus, and saving his life, and Bradford is so grateful for the act and treats him much better.
The Ropers Of Mice and Horses (TV-PG) Ethel is told by her mother that Helen owns a horse figurine that is supposedly from the Ming Dynasty and it worth thousands of dollars.
Three's Company Jack's 10 (TV-PG) Larry fixes Jack up on a blind date with a wealthy snob, who persuades Jack to marry her, but Terri and Janet do not approve.
Barney Miller Hostage (TV-PG) A stubborn ventriloquist refuses to take credit for the harsh remarks his dummy makes, and a prisoner escapes and threatens the lives of the officers.

Poisoned Passions Poisoned Passions (TV-14) A recounting is provided of women who fall prey to the wrong type of guy as these women become involved in shady relationships and give into dark desires.
Killer Profile Ronald Dominique (HD, TV-14) A man disturbed by personal rejection within his home state of Louisiana sets out on a decade-long killing spree before finally being apprehended by police.
Handsome Devils The Spy Who Conned Me (TV-14) When Mary Thompson meets and falls in love with Will Jordan, they instantly hit it off until he reveals to her that he is actually an undercover CIA agent.

Command Decisions The Six Day War (TV-PG) Viewers are taken inside the various, strategic positions of war commanders during famous battles throughout the course of history.
Command Decisions Battle of Gettysburg (TV-PG) After Confederate General Robert E. Lee won a series of battles against the North, Union General George Meade faced him at the crucial Battle of Gettysburg.
Battle 360 The Grey Ghost (TV-PG) After the Enterprise is loaded with new technology and new sailors, the ship and its men return to the Pacific to wage war around the Gilberts in World War II.
Dogfights Dogfights of the Middle East (TV-PG) Firsthand accounts, archival footage and computer graphics are used to retell the history of this crucial air battle in the Middle East.
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